How Continuous Glucose Monitoring can help
patients make healthy, confident, and well-informed decisions

Whether you’re trying to lower your patients’ A1c, reduce their number of hypo incidents, or keep them out of the ER, Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) gives your patients a complete and real time picture of their glucose levels to help avoid these events.3 Fingersticks alone can only alert you to patterns when you have tested. But with CGM, you’ll see where glucose is heading and how fast it’s getting there. With the Dexcom G4 PLATINUM, you can coach your patients to make informed decisions in the short-term while mapping a pathway for long-term better health.

Widespread Coverage for CGM

The majority of commercial insurances have medical policy to cover CGM. Dexcom can investigate insurance coverage for your patients.

CGM Lowers A1cs
without increasing hypoglycemia

Significant Decrease in A1c in Patients Aged ≥ 25 Years

*Error bars stand for 95% Cl.
JDRF Continuous Glucose Monitoring Study Group.
N Eng J Med. 2008;359(14)1464-1476

Setting an even higher standard in CGM

When it comes to accuracy, Dexcom’s Sensor Geometry, Membrane Technology, and Algorithm are what set us apart.
Our commitment to continuously improve our technology enables us to deliver exceptional sensing performance. The results speak for themselves.

Your Patients will thank you

Deliver discretion

A sleek and slim Receiver profile plus ear-pleasing tones or melodies so your patients can customize their alerts and alarms to suit different environments.

Deliver comfort

With a sensor needle that’s more than 1/3 smaller6 than the next available brand, it’s easy to see why Dexcom is often cited as the most comfortable sensor to wear.

Deliver a sensor that fits their lifestyle

Dexcom is the only sensor on the market that’s approved for up to 7 days2,4 of wear for added value and patient convenience.

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