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  • There are several reasons you may not be able to see the cradle in your iPhone's Bluetooth device list:

    1. Your Bluetooth may be turned off.
    2. You have yet to pair your cradle with your phone. To pair your cradle with your phone, go through the pairing wizard in the Dexcom Share App.
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  • Keep your iPhone or iPod touch with the Share App within 15 feet of your Dexcom SHARE cradle.
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  • The cradle must be plugged into a wall outlet to function.  It will not run on batteries.

    LBL-012281 Rev01
  • In most cases the answer is no. Check the GlucoMonster on the Share App to see if the Cradle is properly connected to the Sharer’s iPhone or iPod touch. Press on the GlucoMonster if it is holding a sign with an X on it. The GlucoMonster will guide you to make sure your Cradle is connected with your iPhone or iPod touch.

    LBL-012281 Rev01
  • To have the Dexcom SHARE app find the Cradle, please ensure the following steps have been taken:

    • Make sure your Cradle is powered on, and the Receiver is docked into the Cradle.
    • Make sure the Cradle’s blue light is blinking.  If it is not blinking, remove the Receiver from the Cradle and then press the reset button for five (5) seconds. Finally, slide the Receiver back in the Cradle.
    • Make sure you correctly entered your Receiver serial number (see Setting Up the Cradle)
    • Make sure Bluetooth is ON
    • Delete any DEXCOMCR? devices in your Bluetooth devices list.
    • Make sure you did not enter SN as the first two (2) digits of the serial number. Enter only the numbers following SN… As an example SN1234567, enter 1234567. SN is the serial number symbol and not actually part of the serial number.


    LBL-012281 Rev01
  • To dock your Dexcom G4 PLATINUM Receiver with your Dexcom SHARE Cradle:

    • Make sure the USB port cover on the side of your receiver is slid all the way up.
    • Slide the receiver into the cradle from the side of the cradle.
    LBL-012281 Rev01
  • Only one Receiver can be connected to a Cradle at a time. Follow these requirements to connect a new Receiver to the Cradle:

    1. Make sure the Cradle is powered.
    2. Press the “Reset” button on the Cradle with a pointed instrument.
    3. Slide the new Receiver into the Cradle.
    4. Make sure that the blue light is blinking.
    5. Follow the “Pairing Cradle” section in Chapter Two.
    LBL-012281 Rev01
  • You will have to pair the Replacement Cradle with your iPhone or iPod touch again. Select 'Pair Cradle' in the Account Tab. Your Followers will remain connected to you, and you do not have to set up your Followers again.

    LBL-012281 Rev01
  • Login to the Dexcom Share App and press on the account tab. Press and hold the Cradle reset button for 3 seconds. After you have successfully reset your Cradle, press on the Pair Cradle button to connect your Cradle to your new phone.

    LBL-012281 Rev01

    If the right light is flashing on my Dexcom SHARE Cradle

    • Your Cradle is trying to pair with your iPhone or iPod touch. Until you successfully pair the Cradle with an iPhone or iPod touch, it will continue to blink. Check the GlucoMonster in the Share App if the blue light on your Cradle does not stop blinking. 


    If the left green light on your Dexcom SHARE Cradle is off, there could be a couple of reasons.  Please check the following:

    • The Cradle is not receiving power. Make sure the Cradle is properly plugged in to a power outlet.
    • The receiver is not plugged into the Cradle. Make sure the receiver is properly docked into the Cradle.


    If the right, blue light is off on my Dexcom SHARE Cradle, your IPhone or iPod touch is not connected (paired) with your Cradle.

    • Make sure the Cradle is paired to the Sharer’s iPhone or iPod touch, by following the directions in “Pairing Cradle” section in Chapter Two of your user manual.


    Why does the left light on the cradle not light up when I dock my receiver?

    • You cradle needs to be plugged into the power outlet.


    Why does the left light on the cradle not light up when I plug my cradle into the wall connection?

    • Your receiver needs to be docked into the cradle for the left light to be on.
    LBL-012281 Rev01
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